Are you a Conscious Achiever ready to scale your IMPACT?

If you're a successful 6-figure solopreneur battling overwhelm, it's time to free you from being the "bottleneck" in your business. You CAN scale gracefully without sacrificing the quality of your service or lifestyle.

What you need is a Freedom Framework.

What is Freedom Framework?

Freedom Framework is a year-long business growth incubator for successful entrepreneurs ready to break through to the next level. You will receive 1-on-1 coaching and business strategy designed to amplify your creative output and impact, stress free. 

Who is Freedom Framework for?

Freedom Framework best serves authors, influencers, coaches and other service providers who have their focus on creating an online course and/or high-ticket B2B consulting program to replicate their expertise in a way that can be automated and scaled.

What Makes You a Great Fit?

What are some of the benefits you'll receive by having your own Freedom Framework?


Curious about how Freedom Framework can help you? Hear what others have to say.

Amanda Bucci

"Over the course of a year Selina helped me scale multiple 6-figure products, build an amazing outsourced team aligned with my vision, and helped me free up my time so that I could have it all - maximum profits and life enjoyment. Selina will turn a "personal brand with a service" into a real, scalable, viable company. Imagine automating your income so you can have total time, location, financial, and creative FREEDOM! The promised land is real - Selina will take you there ;)"

Brian Patacca

"If Selina could be bottled I would drink her every day. To call her a magician is too hokey but she absolutely made magic for my business and me. Selina identified places in my sales funnel, customer experience and employee policies and procedures that were holding me back from big-time success. Within a few months she improved efficiency, but beyond that – she opened my eyes to the big picture and possibility in my business."


Jessica Granish

"Work with Selina! She is a genius when it comes to business flow, creating a unified team, and improving customer relationships. Without the business flow and sturdy internal structure she provided, our sales would have been affected. Selina is right there to lift you up and surround you with what you need to grow. She is one of the most brilliant minds I've encountered and offers wisdom beyond anyone I have ever worked alongside before."

Kat Bruce

"One of Selina’s gifts is the ability to identify an individual’s strengths and how to create processes to allow these strengths to shine brightly. She guides impactful strategy to support both the user experience and a team’s efficiency. Selina’s uplifting enthusiasm and positivity created a major impact on the momentum of our projects - keeping us all focused and inspired!"

Johnny King

"Selina is an amazing mentor - she has the perfect balance between knowing what I’m struggling with and then translating what I need to do to work on my processes and procedures. She’s so well connected and put me in touch with all the right people for my websites, funnels, documentation to drill into my business and really take it to the next level. I can’t say enough good things about Selina. If you’re on the fence about taking the leap to work with Selina, I guarantee you it’ll be worth your time and investment. She’s a huge asset to have in your corner - I can’t endorse her enough!"

Noushin Bayat

"Selina is heaven-sent! Her proactive, intelligent, and creative approach to problem-solving and business process redesign was the secret sauce of our success. If you’re seeking strategic systems thinking, agile leadership, and technological savvy to create efficient and effective operational processes that drive business performance while anchoring a culture of collaboration and creativity - work with Selina!"

Bobby Weinberger

"I could not speak more highly about Selina. She's become deeply integral to our continued success. I trust her completely. As an entrepreneur, the things I value most highly are my time and my energy, and Selina helps me preserve and utilize both. Selina is an essential asset to my business, and as such, she's a real blessing in my life."

Xixi Cheng

"Before I started working with Selina, my business was a bit all over the place in terms of operations. I can market and sell, but I really needed help getting everything down into a manageable system. Now things are much more streamlined and, best of all, I have much less work to do! Thanks to Selina I have a strong foundation to scale and take my business to the next level."

Galia Tsioni

"Selina is a dedicated and driven mentor. She is constantly strategizing new ideas on how to uplevel the business and push projects forward using advanced technology, tools and techniques. A skilled talent manager, Selina has a real knack for understanding people and how to leverage their full potential. She has a constant smile on her face, and sends positive energy to those around her empowering their vision."

William Grazione

"When I met Selina I was 6 years into my business and very successful, but I was working myself into the ground and didn’t have any freedom to do the things that truly brought me the most happiness and joy. I was exhausted all the time, lacked motivation, and most importantly I wasn’t able to spend the time with my family. Thanks to Selina I’ve been able to let go of everything that was weighing me down for all of those years. I can finally take advantage of how hard I’ve worked. If you are on the fence, I highly recommend Selina."



Selina is a Coach & Graceful Growth Strategist who consults successful entrepreneurs on how to scale their business, build outsourced teams, and free up their time so they can have it all - maximum profits and extraordinary life quality. Selina lives in sunny, laid back Jacksonville Beach enjoying tranquil sea breezes and morning bike rides by the ocean. She is a trusted advisor who helps other freedom seekers to live a lifestyle that is completely in alignment with who they are and what they feel called to contribute in the world. 

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